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therefore, want to join the IT business friends, to maintain their old relationship, and the relationship between students is one of the more worthy of human resources. Comrades, small as well as the relationship between the similarity is very high, will be easier to communicate with friends. IT entrepreneurs should take good care of their connections and cherish the most valuable wealth of their lives.

it is said that more than 90% of the entrepreneurs who have been leaving the country have taken advantage of the resources and relationships accumulated in their previous work. And these relations will become entrepreneurs IT days after the need of human resources. At the start, don’t ignore these resources, but not because of useless abandon these resources, you do not know which one day who will help you, even a very little thing, even if it is a short communication, will is a magic weapon for you later.

, Uedboke talks about how IT entrepreneurs aggressively expand their connections,

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professional resources are also important for entrepreneurs. Before the start, many friends who are working in the relevant industry, or is the helper, make social resource is very precious. Understand the internal processes, only to have their own conditions to fight the world. When you are working for someone else, it is necessary for you to study hard. This is the so-called, in any industry, do any work, do not underestimate the ability to learn from the skills and skills. Read more and experience more. I don’t know which day I can use for myself.

two, the sale of goods businesses, also can sell their goods, some netizens have always wanted to have their own website, but the application and domain name space for one year at least 200 – 300 yuan, open one of their own online store, while the cost of. This type of application can freely edit station settings, is a lifelong website of their own, it is any other free money website can not be compared to


online to make money, it is no doubt that there is a process of making money online, is free to invest. Most of the first to do some free to click on the station, free survey, surfing station, and good nature can earn money, if you insist on more than half a year, each station must earn hundreds of yuan. But you’d better not do click on the station, is not suitable to do part-time, is too much trouble, you can not earn 3 points a day, 4 yuan of money, a referral only 0 points, mainly this station is the personal webmaster, do you want to do a big company station. Don’t listen to is new registration, to do the old money station; do not rely on propaganda people, to forum shopping; do not blindly registered prior to registration to seriously study the relevant content, look at what is the principle, how to operate a web site to make money; if you don’t do part-time station too much, ten about enough. If you want to earn more and faster, the best investment investment station, station has the support of large enterprises, the registered investment is equal to a station in a large enterprise, you just work on the Internet, but the station didn’t take the time to do the investment, a monthly log on several times on the line, usually to forum hair post, each station has a home investment method, are you free of charge for the use of the domain name is very simple, this kind of station have roughly the following way to make money:

understanding of the importance of IT entrepreneurs, networking, it is necessary to actively search for their own network of relationships. Maintain the existing old resources, students resources are relatively reliable in many relationships, but also better maintenance relationship. Student relationships can get rid of conflicts of interest and speak directly and conveniently. Peer relationships can also be carried out for commercial purposes, mutually beneficial. Compared to other complex relationships in the society, it is a good choice for students to help each other or use each other.

knowledge, a network effect is the fastest at the same time, everyone can make money

extended career partner

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entrepreneurship? Connections, connections, resources, connections, benefits, networking, IT, business, business, business. In the IT industry, the water is still very deep. If you want to establish and succeed in the IT field, you must rely on the conditions, that is, an endless stream of resource costs. Entrepreneurial resources are divided into internal and external resources. Internal resources refer to individual capabilities and conditions, while external resources refer to human resources. Both exist complement each other, lack of a lot of relations, IT entrepreneurs need to always enrich their interpersonal network.

true friends, connections,

maintain old relationships

true friends, connections, but also entrepreneurs should maintain one of the relationships

, the absolute value for money!

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