we can see in the screenshot above, because I was a car needs, I will seriously look at the inside of the text, the contents of which can be divided into three parts: 1. to answer questions, tell the questioner his request is easy to solve; 2. recommend themselves, also said their main advantage. Is the price advantage; 3. is the last contact, no specific contact, but are usually useful ways, love Shanghai related products should know how to find. I find the "Jim bead" in Post Bar bar, contact, booked two tickets, then the two friends are together in the past, then booked two, made a total of four zhang.

above two cases can see the same features: no website, but have successfully sold their goods. This seems to be against everyone’s cognition, not how to do network marketing website? In fact, this idea is wrong, the development of the Internet, various social networking tools have been very perfect, with the same phone like QQ has become an essential product, as long as there are people to contact you, you can.

have a good brother got married last week, from Guangzhou to Shantou, sitting on the coach knows that tickets are cheaper than many outside the station in the station to buy tickets, taking Shantou as an example, the station outside the station to buy 150, only 90, ask the relevant friends, said no such driver the phone, can not only find their own. Second days off, more anxious, my method is to directly search love Shanghai know, the keyword is "Guangzhou Shantou car", found out the first result is that:

this is a true case of one of my friends, many of my friends have heard of "AD abdomen exercise machine" this product, when in the middle of last year I also sold this product, each sell a profit is quite substantial, because of television advertising. My method is very common, do a web page, then the relevant keywords ranking do go up by Shanghai dragon, because the competition is too big, is mainly the PPC too much, a month can not sell a few units. Intermediate understanding of a friend do the same this product, he did not understand network promotion, will not do, not Shanghai dragon, but he only by a few QQ to sell 10 a month turnover of between 4-5K (his part-time sell, principal is a securities practitioners). His method is love Shanghai SOSO know and ask. By asking relevant questions, then the answer, leave a contact QQ on the line.

A case of The case of


‘s network marketing must know Shanghai know love is not around past the threshold, also know that love Shanghai know have very good promotion effect. But many people are faced with two problems: one is do not know how to do, how to do; two is done but no effect, or made a lot but the effect is not good. How to solve these two problems, first of all I see two cases:


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