in fact, often focus on the ZAC blog, people should know, some time ago in his blog to do a survey on the training, a lot of people involved. Which is mainly about how much the cost of training can be accepted, and clearly not less than 10 thousand yuan of personal training. This survey is not can be seen as a pre boot? Prompted many people to click his training to understand the content page, although the page click does not necessarily promote the ranking, but the search engine will understand the intention of the user is not necessarily. These are just some of the speculation, the real situation is probably the only ZAC I know best. Then we see if there are other factors will make the

We all know

through the use of love in Shanghai outside the chain of tools, it can be found that the training page is linked to 76 times, of course, does not include the "/" URL "has also been linked to 77 times, although there is no difference in what the two URL forms the user’s eyes, but Shanghai still love the two same URL the pages are counted, so count down more than 100 times. Let’s look at the anchor text is also used in Shanghai dragon training 65 times, but the external links page anchor text is not Shanghai dragon training to page 30. In this view, love Shanghai’s data is not very accurate, although the statistics is not very accurate, but also can reflect the situation, at least there are many outside the chain for the word to make a contribution. Moreover, from the analysis of the anchor text to love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon link number is not much, only 70 times. Through this description, the chain more focus on quality rather than quantity.

love Shanghai chain data analysis

page ranking is better?The front page of interior designThe

high PR transfer

page is mainly from the internal standard.

recently paid more attention to the training of Shanghai dragon search results friends, may have found a training page ZAC blog also ranked in the home, and has been for a long time before, and did not seem to be found. Because before has not studied, do not know what the situation is, but since the Shanghai dragon VIP rankings, this page ranking also seems to come up.


ZAC blog on the status of Shanghai dragon industry, not only the content related to high quality, but also a lot of comments, and reproduced, copied, copied a lot. The high weight of the blog for important page also can transfer the weights of the. The tool can know the training view, the PR value of the page after page, reached 4. This data may also be higher than some of the site’s home page PR, at least from Google’s page rating of the page weight is very high. Although a lot of people will say the PR value is only applicable to the noble baby search engine, and love Shanghai nothing, but the author thinks that although Shanghai won’t love this value as the direct ranking factors, or at least as a reference value. Besides, the training is in the main page navigation, can let search engines understand this page is very important.

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