, for the Internet to inject fresh blood – increase your original

the old way of glorious era of the construction of the chain has passed, a new era of the construction of the chain into slowly into. The chain emperor classic is not changed, the love of Shanghai in a strong, the entire Internet ecosystem is still to be considered.

love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, on the link, the soft blow is increased, but the construction of the chain can not be lost. "The emperor of the chain, the chain is king" in the webmaster circle is a classic classic, since it may not so easy to change this form. I do the chain Lotto lottery website page refers to bridges type construction methods, pay attention to the gradual way of the construction of the chain. This is a test of patience and love, who did it, who is the winner.

I won the lottery website optimization effect did I depressed for a long time, I know the website optimization to find a new way out. In order to find the way, I take my big lottery lottery website 贵族宝贝7ien.cn/dlt.aspx this page to do the practice. In this process are summed up some experience. We have to know that a form of love Shanghai company will continue to adjust the algorithm, new algorithm constantly, we can not stop the momentum will stop. We can do is to search engine optimization rules love Shanghai, seize some places did not change the launch of the algorithm. I study from the Lotto lottery website a page that analysis how to do with search engine promotion.

two, the construction of bridges

love Shanghai the biggest reason is the adjustment of the algorithm to improve the user experience, because of changes in the Internet environment, the dissemination of information explosion, many duplicate content sprint love Shanghai database. This situation also makes the work of my lottery website optimization deeply. I do the original content of the lottery website, I also began to try the new optimization method, regardless of the content from the site or promotion of soft paper, need high quality of the original article, to inject fresh blood into the internet.

three, Links construction

to do a website, Links ultimately, I also set Links this lottery website, this website can let me realize resource.

website optimization was originally a very mysterious, Shanghai dragon this position is more mysterious, why he mysterious, because we understand the position of the less. But in the rapid development of Internet access, website optimization is not mysterious topic, there are more and more people into the position of Shanghai dragon. Now love Shanghai wantonly launched a series of algorithms, so many old owners call hard to do website optimization. I have to do the lottery website optimization experience, optimization method before the old webmaster. No matter, I also have such a feeling, the accumulation of years of resources said no effect no effect, this is unacceptable.

The chain of

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