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Links will be checked again every day, this is my words from the bottom of the heart. I have suffered because of this, a chain of friends busy not regularly check the site is the cause of a few days ago, who knows when to see the website ranking third days, your keywords ranking directly from the home page down to third pages, very miserable! You know this love in Shanghai since the adjustment algorithm for the user experience, and the joint effect of considerable value, if our website Links problems, our website will be punished, this no doubt, but I want to warn you of Shanghai dragon, check the chain of friends, to see how much of its outgoing links, if more than 40, immediately cancel link is the most correct way, because the new algorithm in love in Shanghai, a site outbound links more than 40 after the search engine will be judged as cheating.

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optimization is actually a summary of the analysis process, we should constantly improve their work efficiency in the optimization process, rather than to distribute links and update the content, such as the US post on a forum yesterday, should see posts have not been included today, the effect is good. If you continue to send good effect, if not good then to develop new resources, a few days ago, Shanghai dragon why site is not very stable, the access speed is not fast, so these days I have not in the above post, so as not to cause the chain of my own unstable.

three includes

analysis of the

in fact, in my opinion, in the collection of checkpoints is not important for this article is a collection of many, how much is the click rate, the key is to analyze the log space website, through the analysis we can know the rules of the spider crawling log every day, then it comes.

think of Shanghai dragon also have a period of time, during the results can also put the clothing website and software category ranking it home page top three, and still relatively strong competitive keywords, but this is not what I want to say today, because the network owners inside only talented men still remained in concealment. Will attract more people. I play in this. When first contact Shanghai dragon, that is the link and update the content, so I was in the afternoon time made more than 40 links for love Shanghai close not included and keywords ranking couldn’t rise a little care, not because of the word, content is king, the chain for the emperor. But the result is not what, no keywords ranking a little progress, the snapshot is not imagined next update. I think he really is too silly, but now is not the case, as a veteran, I am now working every day regularly and are generally complete their work order follow the prescribed order, and pay attention to four points after the completion of their work, to start a new job, so what this is the five key, and the road to listen to me slowly.


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