2, as the content to attract readers do not need to register, can browse directly, without any threshold of the way to the reader, remember, compulsory >

Shanghai dragon is the customer experience. And the website bounce rate is an important index for evaluating the performance of a website, if a website jump out rate is high, indicating the site user experience do well, the user can not find the content they need, go get out, if the bounce rate is low, indicating the site user experience do well, users can you need to find the content. And later he might return to your site, improve user stickiness, slowly can accumulate a large number of users.

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seen a website, do the back end of the car service. The home is very beautiful, the columns are good. Click a column on, jump out of " I’m sorry, you are not registered for a click, or so, so, this site is a registry. Are you pro, hiring at

1, all into the site registered (registered members can buy things not ah), to give the reader a chance to understand your content, your

make an inappropriate analogy, you want me to pay for the ticket to see if, first let me look at his eyes girl what figure? Free for a thigh, a belly, Aigo, nosebleed. Then look up (to readers more in-depth understanding of the content), well, sir, please buy a ticket (register). For such a program.

we will often see many websites, and even some were the first big website (but not on behalf of the website do you, a point in, began to jump out of a window: pro, you have not registered. Next is a registered lattice. So, you decisively off to leave.

An important part of the ? ?

‘s rough, right reason. Return to the topic, how to solve the

I know nothing of the station you, is not what I need a no interest, why should register. To know that now is the time of fragmentation of the Internet era, most are occasionally ye into your website, pointing eyes will go, he needs, may be more of a look, a new discovery, then click Page, if there is a harvest, um, could you remember. (brief oh for example, 8868) or of the. He will come.

can be said that the longer residence time and browsing depth is the key to the success of the site so we how to retain users, and effectively reduce the bounce rate of the


yes! To be registered, the first interest is the key. What is the premise of interest? To show, valuable content to the readers. Two seduce readers, forcing it to register.


8868 Mobile Games trading platform Shanghai Longfeng Chen Xiang to share with you: mandatory registration of interest

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