2, there is no index is not important, it is important to have people search

is actually not much weight on the site was established in Shanghai in the eyes of love, maybe you shouldn’t have…… but not on their own behalf is not important, they must be in the shortest time to

3, from the search results and relevant results in the difficulty of

results more competition the higher the degree of difficulty, the search results to meet customer demand for the site to do better more competition.

there are a lot of people have written articles related to the topic of Shanghai dragon network, here I only make three points, as long as you do these three points ranking will not be a problem.

rise in the value of the website, but our new competition to "big words" is clearly impossible, so this time should be the first to do a number of words, to do a good job in this part, your site in Shanghai love

first selects the

website keyword

some people in order to do website weight surface keyword index, I do so is the Shanghai dragon seen too many sites rely on a lot of the long tail word to get traffic, is not necessarily a good

what is the accuracy? Is to understand itself as the keyword search as long as the customer must have the intention of the word.

1, a high degree of precision selection


on the Internet, but simply to survive in Shanghai Longfeng site almost no, why? Because the web traffic is money, who is not willing to hang in a tree, but the effect of speed and traffic of the Shanghai dragon and have less relationship, which leads to the formation of a cycle of death. Want to do website traffic? Do rankings!!! Website ranking to do? The website should have no traffic flow, no weight on what love Shanghai give you rank!!!!! Are you kidding me TM??

1, QQ drainage, whether you are a space or QQ group, as long as you through their own means to guide the flow is a kind of drainage, and this flow is a very accurate, the other one is to be part of this customer base within their scope of activities recommended Star: you can feel you can feel it.

There are many famous website

‘s eyes even if it is qualified, is very important for the selection of sites early keywords, selected as follows:

2, WeChat drainage, usually the drainage method is suitable for the type of service website, if you >

keyword competition judgment ?There are a lot of

is usually the drainage way, it is so common in several.

at this time

, as long as you can think of the word, even if there is no index can also be done, such as: high pressure hose manufacturer, but not the word search volume index is very high.

second: traffic construction


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