code must be div+css though many of my friends to code is table or div does not matter, but we can see through the code can be very simple to see, DIV table is a simple, clear table apply too much easy to appear before the end of statement something wrong. Spider estimated dizzy should also climb.

I will set this several pictures: 1, width and height of 2, 3 pictures of ALT tag and JS call the bottom 4, as far as possible into the wrong link is deleted if your website that several treatment love Shanghai diagnosis still can’t give you 90 words, to use Firefox browser plug-in handle the picture

first used statistical love Shanghai which has a website speed diagnosis



third, the website cut out, is in the station optimization

, the first consideration is that we can make a column, and then to design the home plate according to your need to focus on the column, the best out of OK, the other secondary home can give a connection to, not to connect to the inner page a connection. This is not related, and went to the home page content accumulation of garbage, and simple connection number can control the home page, I add a new general 5—10 articles or products, when the new home page linked to control connections between 20–40.

he will give you tips out where there is wrong, for example: JS call over CSS with the picture, the picture is too large, not specified width and height, and the wrong picture connections and so on, will show you how many points are deducted to solve.


many Internet companies, as well as personal optimization friends will know, in fact, sometimes the customer is key to the customer we cannot replace keywords, some words although we are very tangled, but no way, only hard on the scalp, there is the boss ah ah, the leadership must be done, although we feel a nonsense word, but the meaning of leadership is no way. First we don’t talk about the site, mutual interference factors, we first for the site of the internal part.


1 browser cache which do not control it

We do not consider the effect of beautiful

second, part of the

first, site planning and design

then, but also with the Firefox browser, install a plug-in page speed website, with Firefox open, and then click on the —web tool developer –firebug – Open firebug then there will be such a

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