keyword is "Suzhou handling equipment", the main method of Shanghai dragon the ongoing original content update and the construction of a sufficient number of website shops, almost no use of other methods. Before a week, the keywords under the website in the top three natural. But recently the site suddenly before three disappeared, but the website news page appears in the key words love Shanghai home. As shown below. This is the typical case sub website page ranking than home first.

we can make Shanghai Longfeng divided into two factions: white hat and black hat. This is the method used by Shanghai dragon to divide as the standard. With Google’s exit and blow for the black hat, and diverse network marketing methods, has become the mainstream of the white hat. But, I think, in the white hat Shanghai dragon, is also divided into two factions: qualitative and quantitative Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon. In front of a person, mostly created her little for what is known for tile, code, Shanghai dragon knowledge is only know a little, they summed up the practice of some experience, and according to this experience to do, just to be able to see the effect, will go all the way. Behind a person belonging to the professionals, they will analyze the density, the long tail and then continuously revised index. Finally, we found that two people will achieve their goals.


is now the site sub page ranking will also rely on the website

By I face this question: why


so, for this problem, I think still need to use the method of qualitative analysis.

access to some of this issue for information on the network, the emergence of this situation is not a few. The quantitative analysis of people gives several reasons. First, through the analysis of sub page keyword distribution, keyword density is higher than they think the sub page home page. This is a justified reason, every news news sub pages have appeared in the home page, the home page keyword density should be higher than the home is. Second, through the analysis to the structure of the site, they think that the internal structure of website problems, because the news frame is dynamic. News frame leads to love Shanghai more preference page algorithm static news. Although there is some truth, but rather far fetched.

first, love Shanghai is equal to the weighting distribution site of each sub page and home page? Will there be web page weight is higher than that of the sub page. This I think is there. But because the site structure, home will generally reflect the sub >

than before?A case of

quantitative analysis

this is like climbing a mountain, see, and feel down online climb, reaching the top of the mountain. Someone looking for the way constantly, constantly modify their own way, can eventually reach the top of the hill. I belong to the former.

qualitative analysis, we need to answer the following questions.

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