but Ma also pointed out that the Alibaba does not want to do a Google or love Shanghai, just want to put the electronic commerce experience better. "If someone wants to shake the future love Shanghai, we are one of the multinational forces in." (Lin Ming

"so Chinese Internet industry there are still many opportunities, while we are doing some big, but we really hope to have a lot of new enterprises come out." Robin Li said.

Sina )

technology news March 28th morning news, IT Leadership Summit held today in Shenzhen, in the end the dialogue session, love Shanghai CEO Robin Li revealed the intention to buy a small English search to search the development of enterprises, English.

Ma Yun joked, "Wang Yan we don’t worry, we can not put themselves into the monopoly on. Although love Shanghai can not afford to buy YAHOO Microsoft Google, but don’t worry, slowly, who knows the future."

high-end dialogue also discussed the love Shanghai monopoly, host Wu Yingwen also the presence of the president of the board of directors of the Alibaba and the Tencent CEO Ma Ma Huateng, two whether to love against the plan of Shanghai. This question caused laughter. Ma Huateng smiled and said, there is No. Robin Li replied, "the love of Shanghai has a lot of hit."

but the intention of Robin Li temporarily unable to do so, the reason is that although the love of Shanghai in order to develop English search, looking for small English search business acquisition opportunities, but in the market observation, found that in addition to Bing and a baby search, no other small English search business.

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