love Shanghai snapshot is not terrible, the most terrible is that you do not know the causes and solutions. We hope this article can help the novice. Finally also publicize their website: Chaoyang Forum (www.chaoyangbbs贵族宝贝), do local websites or local forum friends can also find a chain, QQ:65016581.  

3, garbage outside the chain, if you quickly increase a lot of junk chain in a short period of time, it is also one of the reasons affecting key word down, snapshot. Solution: group software group is not recommended, now love Shanghai algorithm adjusted mass software will be more harm than good, may make the site directly by K off, we must add the chain quality, soft and blogs are all good, beginners can try, the effect will be silver obviously. Especially soft, give you website is immediate help.

1, on the site title, keywords, description of big changes, this is one of the reasons affecting the main love Shanghai snapshot. Solution: first to have an intuitive definition of the website, my website is what is the topic, and then select the site title, keywords, description, selected that major changes to its, can be done in one step, the appropriate fine-tuning.

4 and other reasons, such as network links, Links etc.. Solution: advice on a regular basis within the network link to use the tool to a test, find out the death chain and repair. Links must note, always check to see if there is no love Shanghai punish website Links, some words to communicate with each other to retreat, to avoid the site affected by the.

July love for Shanghai to adjust the engine algorithm frequently, many webmaster meet love Shanghai snapshot, my station was not spared, the first correction in June 10th, then 18 days, 21 days. Recently a week of adjustment, the website snapshot has returned to normal, it will sum up their love Shanghai snapshot causes and solutions to communicate with everybody.

2, the content of the website collection. In the new sites or is not high site permissions, not recommended web content acquisition. But excessive collection will make love Shanghai revolted and eventually led to a snapshot of the file, this is our most easy to make new troubles. Solution: the content of the website to learn to add the pseudo original, but not more precision, regular updates, love Shanghai crawl frequency content on the site, insist on a period of time, you will find the website snapshot within 24 hours, and included the surge.

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