here, it is Hong dished out such a proposition, and not directly form a clear conclusion. Because of difficult. If you don’t lead this proposition, the following analysis is prone to phase shift. Muzi into the boat a boat is mentioned in the article: "love Shanghai so no sound adjustment, we can only accept? No, we want to make a deal." Shu Hong think more precise point is: love Shanghai unilateral adjustment. Webmaster groups on how to make their voices heard in this game, this group has the right to speak

first topic to pull the film, "Sparkling Red Star" in a word of praise Uncle Wu said, in order to take care of Pan fuyuko, Uncle Wu is both father and mother. Today, Muzi into the boat into the boat as IT people, but also to the sensitive and speed of journalists, to love Shanghai unexpected move to respond quickly. It is commendable, but please allow Hong Road A: Muzi into the boat into Zhou Jun,

?Here is

historical destiny into the fate of individuals, people will only in the book of gossip with profound respect and humility.

Shu Hong before this often think such a proposition: the relationship between love and the vast majority of small owners in Shanghai. But, because of the ability and level of problems, has not formed a complete theoretical description, so on this issue has not issued its own voice. Today, for no reason the love Shanghai chain Kuangxiang event, before talking about the deal with this incident, it is necessary that Hong should first consider the logic state of love between Shanghai and the head of the.

seems to make people have now: the history of the oppressed accidentally re differentiate into two parts to the oppressors and the oppressed.


the more pessimistic to Shanghai dragon place mistress status. There is a problem, is related to the Shanghai dragon Er group is not love Shanghai vassal search engine? It should be said that Hong Shanghai dragon Er is love Shanghai system which are in fact, if you fall in love with the sea line with bad things, so there is a natural webmaster. This position is a bit like the puppet army during the Anti Japanese war. If you put in the vision of the world, it can be called a vassal of the army, like the army in Romania during World War II in the former Soviet union. Here, Shanghai dragon Er self pity sigh their fate, but in fact that Hong.

Hong or need to cite a classic words: once we were slaves. Otherwise there will be from 1840 to 1949 of the Chinese nation for centuries to sink. We also have a hero. Otherwise there will be from 1949 to 2050 100 years of the Chinese nation renaissance. Compared with the history of the surge high and sweep forward, life is too short. People happy and don’t want to admit that he was a slave, also disdain to admit there had been a hero. Imperceptibly, his blood rushing and stirring history abandoned, drained, into a dry, dry indoor specimens, where No one shows any interest in.

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