technology will take Shanghai dragon continuous innovation

in any industry can not be stagnant, and gradual development. Development is not an empty talk, is the innovation need not stop can be achieved. As long as the industry forward in the unceasing development, we will follow the development of Xu industry and continuous innovation, so as not to drop tail in the industry. In order to keep a tight industry, will always keep an eye on the dynamic industry, understand the industry’s latest technology, grasp and mastery. Of course, the development of the industry can not only let us fall into the waiting ranks, we have to find new ways of painstaking research, and new achievements and promote the development of the industry, so our innovation will be more meaningful. To make the industry sustainable innovation, rushed in the front, so that our innovation will continue. For this, whether it is a person or company, all need to industry leaders momentum, thanks to the joint efforts of mutual support will make better development of the industry. This continuous innovation must be benign, do not fall into a vicious competition.

The development of

today’s Internet users, is the only true God, whether it is a search engine or website to serve customers. As long as the user has new requirements, we must continue to meet and provide better service. The change of customers’ needs we are not in the passive waiting, but to continue to explore, build more in line with the user’s content to attract users, this is the way of innovation in Shanghai Longfeng continued to change, with the user’s requirements. We can not only in the existing user requirements system to mining related information, to be successful, must The early bird catches. How can we find new user needs? Where is the voice of the user, the user groups up to the place where we are going, to collect the latest information, analysis, summary, users need help or can not solve the problem given content support, but also to meet the psychological needs of users. To accurately grasp these, requires a lot of knowledge and information fusion to achieve fast display. For the needs of users we don’t stay at the product level or service level, we must stand in the perspective of marketing, to the user’s psychological analysis to handle more accurate simulation. On the other hand, continuous innovation, but also in order to better serve customers.

user needs continuous innovation of Shanghai dragon

in the noble baby 2012 search hot words list and did not see the apple 5 figure, which shows what? In the heyday of Apple advertised with innovative, user-friendly personalized labels, apple 5 seems to be some lack of stamina. The energy of the guard Joe died, follow-up personnel lack the ability to continuously innovate, there may be other reasons. So we can see that what may not always FengFengGuangGuang, no sustained innovation, will not be able to move on the road in the future. Shanghai dragon, also needs continuous innovation.

industry development needs continuous innovation of Shanghai dragon

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