but when most Amoy webmaster when using list template is given to a problem of "aesthetic fatigue". When you as a user search for a product and to a website, this is a product list, see too much of the same template just changed products, if you have the desire to buy.

The so-called dense contact

what is a single page template

first to confirm your site sales target population, according to the different styles of different crowd design templates, which you know.

first your template should be beautiful, let a person come to your website will not immediately turn off. The second is the product of embedded in the template of the picture you can attract attention, so as to stimulate the user’s desire to purchase.

through the above test I summed up the two points of template Optimization:

template for testing

website conversion rate has been one of the key of the webmaster friends, if you are a guest webmaster, web traffic but considerable revenue was flat, may wish to reflect on is introduced in this paper. This paper feeds: [贵族宝贝woyqd贵族宝贝 QQ:464993419]

The The

1, the target population

template optimization points


2, unique and beautiful

single page template, which is in the website or independent blog header into a product introduction page, users visit the web site at first glance is the product, and then click to buy Taobao interface products. Most of the current single page station template are a list template, but the conversion rate to only Adsense in your heart.

conversion effect

website for maximum profit considerations, more and more webmaster friends joined Taobao off the army, of course, a single page station also favored by the majority of Amoy owners, but whether it is early station flow missing, or station in the late stable flow will inevitably encounter a problem, that is the conversion of the underground. Network marketing analysts think there, the key problem is that the quality of a single page template.

, as previously stated, the reason I took the lower conversion rate on the template, may be some friends will say I’m an alarmist, here is my use of two different sets of test results of a template station. The construction site is not a long time, a day on average is twenty or thirty IP, is from the search engines. With the product list template test a month without a single transaction, with the optimization of the template after fifteen days of a single transaction. To avoid suspicion. Advertising is not published, in the provenance.

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