: the first love Shanghai know


second: Soso Ask

chain is actually a submission is to filter the love Shanghai, but I did not give up, decided to complain love Shanghai, the… . success! So I made several similar, also with a success rate of 50%, of course, does not exclude the luck, but I think that this technique still can play a role, Shanghai dragon Er can solve the bug before try in Shanghai love to know

said so much, what kind of platform can effectively answer our use? The answer is yes, but to be sure, the effect is not so good, the efficiency is not so high. Here I come to a simple analysis of today’s most popular three quiz platform: love Shanghai know, Search ask, their effect and promotion methods. The question and answer.

into the thesis, we first come about on three platforms do understand it, please see below:

as a Tencent produced the "copycat" love Shanghai know, Search ask do behind the weight and love Shanghai know, and did the promotion friends all know, Search ask with respect to love Shanghai know it is easier to pass, so can be a chain of treasure. But there is a fatal > Soso Ask

analysis: in fact, luck is not the ultimate determinant of sex in Shanghai now know there is a little bit of skill, that is using the method of complaints. This is a few days ago I tested results as below:

as a platform and answer the king of love, Shanghai visits, know that in terms of weight, included, promotion effect is very strong, once the chain is the treasure of Shanghai dragon, but along with the reform of audit mechanism in Shanghai know love, love the sea in Shanghai Longfeng Er to know to do a chain like is "almost inaccessible". Please don’t tell me what the old-fashioned method can jump, or add a method like baidu贵族宝贝/XXX passed, I personally tried, as long as with these methods, the chain is deleted the second, and the account will be punished, so tell you, unfortunately, to do with sea know that the chain is to rely on luck the.

quiz platform is only a short while ago, all network promotion personnel love, whether it’s weight or the effect is very good, so we can see a lot of question and answer the question of the widespread, Shanghai dragon Er is more interested in these platforms with their outer chain. But almost all the good times don’t last long Q & a platform, are aware of their own platform to become a chain of farms, so have reform, between the chain of Shanghai dragon almost overnight to be wiped out, and now want to stay outside the chain is more difficult.


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