do Internet needs its own website can have high traffic, so as to have more visitors, and make yourself want to spread information spread more widely or contributed to other purpose. A website with a personal growth actually, not an on-line operation has higher popularity will create a lot of content; growth is needed outside help, and the growth of the website "force" is a large part of search engines on the web site and can be said to a large part of new users the search engine is through the flow of the entrance, unless some full network rich money hit their advertising, however, the search engine is a very important traffic entrance.

said the mobile Internet era has quietly, many people think that the mobile browser or APP will occupy the entrance share a lot, but the search engine will still have its reason for existence, will still be a huge traffic entrance. In fact, writing this article, I did not want to explain what a grand theory, I have so many things settling theory. I can say that is a website promotion and search engine optimization of the layman, because my own work is not involved, only interested in the Internet, it was natural to be exposed to these concepts. Today is one of my classmates told me, because he is a kind of education website, he searches for a test in the name of the website which he found today, the first page of the search results are all love Shanghai "love Shanghai education", and he is all in IP the training institutions, but also in the search page you can get in touch with the corresponding training institutions. He really couldn’t live on the site just said to me complain, because we don’t have the money to occupy that position, and that position is the highest click rate.

actually I this classmate say there is no reason to do, now the search engine more and more intelligent, perhaps with the rise of "big data" and "cloud computing" of this new technology. With the openness of the Internet, the famous Internet Co such as love Shanghai, Tencent, Alibaba and other giants have their own "cloud", can be said that the Internet Co now do not have a "cloud" seems not enough to prove their strength. With the development of technology, the search engine manufacturers in the auxiliary technology and the data will have a better search technology mode, of course this model will more conducive to the user experience. For example, to love Shanghai in search of a star, probably is in front of his encyclopedia, and then is his work, again is some of his news, these are all users a high degree of concern is the most ordinary users want to get the information, then it is scattered information, and that some of the information did not enter inside a database "the web site, and those in front of the site is one of the few large web sites or the content of special authority site.

so that the search engine index tool station has become a trend, maybe that was a lot of people misunderstand me is to demean each.

Although No matter what

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