site title is the name of the site, as the name of the company, is rich in illusory color! About the name of the site selection appears to be simple, is also very troublesome, remember that I have a customer, superstition were selected, in the name of the theme of the site is to compare the value of Feng Shui, housekeeping service class, just started to name for Xi’an cleaning, by the customer a veto? The reason is too popular, not their own characteristics! Later named Datong Qinhuangdao cleaning net, listening to the strange! On the site name think: the theme of the site and is closely related to the line or simply, the main push of a business. Also, based on the correlation in anyway. The characteristics of business control. The next step is to select keywords, or to consider the first correlation, for example, such as indoor cleaning, glass cleaning, carpet cleaning, chemical cleaning for keywords industrial cleaning, cleaning engineering, like not too specific matters; secondly, it Nabao cleaning for example, carpet cleaning, toilet cleaning, cleaning glass belong to the housekeeping service, nor will the keywords set for domestic cleaning, housekeeping, housekeeping services, from the optimization point of view, expand the scope, but not good to do promotion! Is the final competition degree, with the appearance of low cost and high benefit of network marketing trend, there are many words are very popular it is difficult to do, the optimization ranking! This remind us have some skills in keyword selection, recommended to use the long tail keywords, don’t choose a Keywords some very high index as the main push, selection of key words can use some third party application software tools. In the description of words, a good advertisement will attract many users, improve site traffic virtually, the first keyword description must be novel, innovative! If it is not, can also refer to love Shanghai biddingkeywords description, have certain advantages in this area! Secondly from the optimization perspective, put an end to the keywords stack this is, will become one of the reasons the search engine punishment, in the number of keywords must control 20 to 40 words between can.

second: original content

and many personal webmaster exchanges, few people stick with the original.

The first part: the selection and description of the

website title and keywordsThe so-called Just remember to enter the


website optimization industry, our boss said: in the absence of Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology master before, all listen to me, there must be execution. To date, think this sentence is reasonable, Shanghai Longfeng guizaijianchi. The first line is a real website optimization nursery site, from the beginning to take over the site, the first thing to do is the title of the site, columns, and the optimization strategy prepared and so on! Begin to feel very fresh, then you will gradually find that there is no certain perseverance and perseverance you insist on not down. The following is my actual optimization Trilogy:

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