: the first use of the most popular event marketing. The popular event marketing method can capture the user’s psychological, but not a good place of event marketing is to seize the events of the time, place and other different view of things, there is the event marketing will not reach for a long time. Take Google PR value update a few days ago, Shanghai love ventilation. The effect of this event on the Internet is great, I think that the word PR is certainly a great day in the search volume love Shanghai, the owners have no time to seize this favorable marketing? The blogger also wrote: Google PR update, it is the love of Shanghai pumping the wind. Can cooperate with marketing event marketing, the use of soft paper to hype the event, such ideas will be more clear. But this event is also the most lasted 2, 3 days, a gust of wind in the past have no other meaning. So the webmaster want to use the event, we must make good use of popular events of the time, and then combined with other forms of marketing to marketing. The characteristics of event marketing is facing a wide range of audience groups are many, can also save cost.

to the webmaster network marketing way or a lot, marketing, blog marketing, forum marketing, but these marketing methods are basically being said bad things, for the rapid development of the Internet, in the end there is no new network marketing. For access to the Internet many webmaster should have lots of new ideas. Website optimization in this blogger said several under my thinking.

again: the use of cooperative marketing resources. Cooperative marketing resources to where to start? The main operation of this marketing method is a cooperative relationship between buyers and sellers, or is the key to cooperation between the owners, or a large portal and cooperative relations. The most important is to develop network marketing in the user experience, the site itself is one aspect, other aspects of propaganda is also very important. The establishment of the webmaster relations is the fundamental networking marketing, Chinese often say people more power. >

: then use social media marketing. Social media marketing is the most fundamental characteristic is: interaction, communication, community. This platform is very beneficial to the webmaster of marketing, product marketing is the need for an open platform, this platform will face a wide, low cost, large businesses can use to earn. It is now the fire group purchase website development, which leads to many small business website does not have a good development, this website will be thinking about the use of social media marketing. Special mention is the micro-blog marketing, micro-blog’s function is not very strong, showing the 140 words of space with pictures, enough to show your product features, but in the micro-blog marketing early, adding a number of micro-blog audience is a must, so to get the purpose of good marketing. There is a social networking website marketing, content marketing etc.. Social media marketing will become the only way which must be passed the enterprise network marketing.

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