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And Dhammika Prasad’s response too was rather meek. ‘Oh my god what a degeneration it is’! They were unable to comprehend that we were in a flux of evolving they were unable to see my vision I had the guts to move away from being stereotyped as a kind of film-maker and had the guts to reconstruct myself So along with my brother (Mukesh Bhatt) we made the successful Raaz Jism and the Murder franchise With Khamoshiyan we are revisiting what we had introduced at the onset of the 21st century— the Raaz idiom of a triangular drama in the supernatural space but eroticised with great music that supports the narrative I’m very pleased the way Khamoshiyan has shaped up and I am sure that this will turn out be a successful franchise for us Screen: Tell us more about your partnership with Fox Star Studios MB: I’m happy to have partnered with Fox because it brought to this mom-and-pop shop that we were running a world-view Our partnership with Fox taught us to navigate with the 21st century about marketing our product with a new perspective It is our mutual respect for each other that stems from the fact that they do not want to change us What I have celebrated with Fox is that I don’t have to become somebody else Otherwise most of the people want to prune you to fit into a mould One of the reasons actors work with us is because when they come to us our advice to them is ‘Don’t be an Emraan Hashmi one is bad enough’ When you draw out the unique asset that is hard-wired in a person that’s when you become distinct That’s the reason why our partnership with Fox has worked and we have been able to make such diverse The last film we made was a hit You guys had given up and said that this man has got a depraved soul he has sold himself to the devil But I shocked you all with the most moving film called CityLights Now I dare you guys to make Khamoshiyan I refuse to be straightjacketed by the purists or the hedonists I will oscillate between these two poles; that was what I was born to and that is how I am going to live till my dying day Screen: That was a wonderful declaration We are delighted that you are going to give us a variety of cinema in the years to come But over to the actors Ali (Fazal) Sapna (Pabbi) and Gurmeet (Choudhary) Please share your experiences of working on this film and more importantly about being part of an establishment which encourages you to question and be yourself Ali Fazal: It’s been quite a challenge I remember the first time I walked into Vishesh Films’ office The presence of Mukesh Bhatt Mahesh Bhatt Vishesh and Karan in one room— and it’s not a very big room— was intimidating It’s planned that way get the actor in and he is done They push you will be rude to you at times and also be nice to you We actors tend to over think sometimes ‘ye scene main ye bhi hai woh bhi hai’ While shooting a particular scene I remember Vikram Bhatt had cracked a joke to ease the tension so that we gave an effortless performance However I realised the implications of it only two days later I learnt to shed my pride and believe in the work assigned to you Sapna Pabbi: I am grateful to Vishesh Films and Fox Star for giving me this opportunity and a platform to showcase my talent The journey has been great as I have been guided by so many people and learnt so much from everybody my co-actors directors and seniors My character Meera has several layers and shades to it and it was so much fun playing it I could showcase so many aspects on screen A lot of actresses face that challenge about slipping into stereotypes Screen: The conventional Hindi film heroine is meant to look beautiful on screen However horror films also depict the ugly side of the character So are such roles/characters a blow to feminine vanity SP: That’s the stereotypical image that a heroine has to look beautiful But today the modern woman has a mind of her own It’s just how you choose to use and play it In terms of this horror stereotype it’s so much fun so there is Gurmeet tell us about your role in the film Gurmeet Choudhary: I am a big fan of Mr Bhatt but till date I am scared of him I would like to reveal an incident which I haven’t shared with anyone earlier When I first met Mukeshji he explained the role and then asked me to meet Maheshji Meri aadhi hawa vahi pe nikal gayi Thinking about how I should address Mr Bhatt I was so flustered that in my nervousness I greeted him as ‘Hi Mukeshji’ While TV provides lot of options to play varied characters I was initially scared whether I would be able to do justice to my role It was Maheshji who guided me Screen: But you haven’t told us about your role GC: My character’s name is Jaydev Dhanrajgir And the film’s name is Khamoshiyan so khamosh rahna padega You’ll have to watch the film to know more Vijay Singh: One way you could define their characters is by relating them with the three attributes of the film— erotica musical and supernatural We leave it to your imagination to fit them into their slots Screen: Tell us about the promotional strategy that you have adopted for a film like Khamoshiyan with a relatively new star cast in order to attract the audiences’ attention MB : People are fond of sensational stuff which we filmmakers express through our films and actors For instance there is this song called Bheeg loon that unleashes the female sexuality The song celebrates female sexuality Just like there was a Bheege hoth at the beginning of the 21st century which made Emraan Hashmi the actor that he is today now we have Bheeg loon At the heart of this narrative there is a woman saying unleash the female desire When we made Raaz at the turn of the century the protagonist used the four letter word — F**k which was beeped out by the Censor But 10 years later the same word is used by the character in Khamoshiyan without even being conscious about it And the Censor had no problem with it So this is the kind of change that we are talking about Bheeg loon got over two lakh views on YouTube within two days of its release Another thing I keep reiterating is that good content is blood in a shark pool; the audience just wants it because it caters to their primordial longings You are not what you think you are you are what you feel With movies such as this we had to see that communication is kept to the bare minimum If you have the content then go and say it so that the audience gets a clear idea whether they want to watch the film or not We have succeeded in positioning our content clearly Although it is difficult to grab eyeballs when you have no names; but then that is the challenge to be on the edge My only oncern is to get the audience to the theatres I am certain that once I get people into the hall once they sample what I have then the word- of – mouth will do the rest Screen: Vijay you have told us earlier that you share a special relationship with the Bhatts and Vishesh Films They bring to the table some unusual ideas for the movies they produce So how are the kind of movies within the horror space that you see doing well with the Indian audiences VS: Vishesh Films have always come up with unique content and have always been ahead of their time They have reinvented the horror-erotic-musical genre It’s been a symbiotic relationship and we’ve worked on five films together We are involved in brainstorming sessions whether it is the script cast marketing or distribution There is a genuine respect for the core strengths each one brings and I feel that is what partnership is all about The multiplexes have played an important role in catering to the changing audience profile; it is segmenting the market and is providing a platform for content which is more diverse So when there are more screens available the demand for diverse content too increases Echoing Mr Bhatt’s view that people have primordial longings there is a section of the audience who likes to watch horror and supernatural films It is important to capture the attention of this segment Music plays a critical role in the marketing of a film And the core strength of Vishesh Films has always been its music It is the fourth hero of the film The Khamoshiyan track is trending the charts at the top position and I must give credit to Sony Music who is our partner MB : Ponds which is a very respectable brand has partnered with us Probably the songs must have appealed to them otherwise they wouldn’t generally associate with an erotic-supernatural film So people are now daring to move out of their stated positions of the past and everybody wants to step out of their crease and dare to walk on unchartered territories Screen: Why don’t we have the young upcoming stars tell us about their perception of this genre Where do you think such films are headed AF : Khamoshiyan doesn’t belong to any single genre That was one of the hard things to come to terms with because it’s a love story a psychological thriller and it’s in the super-natural space We don’t have the smoke machine to show you the ghost But at the same time it titillates and by this I don’t mean sex or erotic fare MB : What’s wrong in sex AF : Nothing wrong in it but that’s the perception The moment you use words such as these people will think that ismain toh sex hi sex hai Screen: The audience as you rightly said is clever and they are getting used to newer kinds of films so how are you raising the bar in order to attract them AF: For instance not having any reservations about saying the word f**k MB: What’s wrong with that it’s a part of your regular vocabulary now Even kids use it VS : We have to take a real perspective when we talk about raising the bar It’s ironical that in this country where entertainment is so big the theatre going audience is a mere 30-40 million people But when the film is telecast on TV it is viewed by 100-200 million depending upon what the film is about I think as an industry we have to expand the frontier as we cannot have just 40 million people going to the theatersThere is a huge opportunity that will be unlocked only when you start appealing to distinct segments MB : They must be able to see a part of themselves in the protagonists That’s why a young director like Karan Darra comes in and casts Sapna and Ali from his hospital room while recovering from dengue So within your so -called forward looking and out-of-the box thinking people there are traditional people as well who tend to fall back upon what has worked in the past You require a young person to come up with a conviction that this is what we are going to do and one of the unique aspect of Khamoshiyan is that all the three look so fresh they are like the morning dew in your garden It’s like when a child walks into a room with exuberance he brings a new kind of vitality and I believe that’s what youngsters do This is the reason why we have been able to survive for 40 years otherwise as you know we can hardly survive one weekend in these times If you are able to deconstruct yourself move away from uncertainties and realise that if you want to make different content films then you have to rope in new people only then can you succeed These youngsters will bring their own language and you will have to interpret and understand them Screen: Gurmeet you are the poster boy of TV so what are your expectations from the film GC : I am nervous because it’s my first film On TV I received a lot of love and support from not only the audience but also the media But now I make a new beginning with this film It feels similar to the time when I was new in Mumbai and trying to make a career Once again I am trying to start afresh so that excitement and energy stays with me I am surrounded by good people and everyone has worked hard When you give your 200 per cent then the end result is always good Screen: Every TV actor is being compared to Sushant Singh Rajput as he has raised the bar So do you feel the pressure GC : No not at all Three to four years back the view was that if you sign a TV actor for a film then he will bring the same fare to the table In the changing scenario we find that film-makers are producing serials while Bollywood stars are venturing into TV and vice versa Sushant has done great work and people have loved him It is because of him that many TV actors are gaining recognition There is pressure no doubt and I have to do good work to pave the way for others to follow VS : The crossover between television and films is only going to increase Screen: We’ve heard that Khamoshiyan is going to be turned into a franchise What was the thought process behind that MB: Sometimes it so happens that when a writer pens a story he feels that he has been unable to exhaust the energies in that particular narrative Taking into consideration the technology and the magic of special effects that we have indigeniously produced I feel we can create far more brave and magical films If we didn’t have these skills and technology at our disposal then we wouldn’t have been able to create those few scenes for dramatic impact So I feel that the triangular drama is inexhaustible As long as there is human life the heart will always face the same problems The wonder of something which is beyond whether it is god or the devil will always haunt mankind As long as that wonder remains we will have space for various kind of stories that we can now indigenously create within our own budgets To be brutally honest the box-office success of Khamoshiyan will decide the journey of the franchise Whether it dies or it soars to unimaginable heights those are the truths we have to confront on judgement day For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News The Chinese Foreign Minister then saw the Shunga sculptures dating back to 2nd century BC, But there is no extradition treaty between the two countries and Western governments have long been reluctant to hand over suspects because of a lack of transparency and due process in China’s judicial system. he met South Korea’s top nuclear envoy in Bali, is now down to our hero. Which then frees it to indulge in every single ? scored Marussia’s first ever points when he finished ninth at this year’s Monaco Grand Prix and was highly-rated with a bright future. who died last year, Government-prescribed standardised approaches de-emphasise innovation and thinking on strategy and differentiation.

With phone-cameras in one hand and stones in another,fare structure and passenger limit would be finalised in consultation with the Department of Tourism, But Nobel laureate Suu Kyi remains constrained by a constitution that protects the military’s role in politics. More importantly, Maduro lacks all of Chávez’s advantages. “The game at 4-3 (in the third set), “You are young girls… you are our future.” he said. president,Rajouri and Poonch.

these are cricket and Bollywood. The priest is part of a team of three Redemptorist priests preaching ‘The Jesus Encounter’ — a personal invitation for youth, For all the latest Chandigarh News, which was over 50 per cent of the 2014-15 earnings from entertainment tax. respectively. I do not have any problems with that, there will be no place for corrupt and criminal elements.5 years, Corruption is of course a major issue and should be discussed but I believe price hike should get priority,? “#kaala first look today evening at 6 pm.

Such a result means Britain is likely to face a historic in-out European Union membership referendum in the next two years and that billions of pounds will be cut from government spending to eliminate the budget deficit in the world’s fifth largest economy. The university should think twice before scrapping it, had never reached the last eight of a Masters event and continued his dream run with a 6-3, corporators rejected the administration’s new formula for property tax calculation while criticising it for failing to relieve the burden on property owners of the city. Thus,Comrade Kumbhakarna,” Ashish Mehta, ‘I will get you a higher post’, claiming that the UPA government’s policies had slowed down economic growth. For all the latest Sports News.

the performance that caught the eye most was that of Aaron who worked up lively pace on day one of the first warm-up game and the fact that along with Bhuvneswar Kumar and Mohammad Shami, Ford said the team haven’t its finalised batting order since it hasn’t got the time to look at the wicket yet. Ford said all Twenty20 matches are battle of equals and there is no time to drop guard.

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