Jamaican security firm fires guard following viral video

first_imgJamaican security firm, King Alarm has fired a female security guard who was seen in a video kicking a licensed firearm holder at an apartment complex in the Corporate Area The security company disclosed that three officers, including the female guard, were summoned to disciplinary meetings for various offences following the video which has been circulating on social media.  King Alarm’s managing director, John Azar, told reporters that the female guard, along with a male guard who appeared to have slapped the licensed firearm holder in his face, were charged by the internal disciplinary team. The senior supervisor who was present during the incident, has been suspended and will undergo retraining on situational awareness before he returns to work.last_img read more

EDITORIAL: Recruit Jamaicans from the Diaspora without corruption

first_imgFor the past several weeks a corruption scandal has been circulating in Jamaica involving the oil company Petrojam, which until recently fell under the portfolio of Jamaica’s Minister of Mining and Energy.The ongoing controversy alleges funds were inappropriately spent, individuals questionably removed from managerial positions and replaced by others appointed by the portfolio minister at significantly higher salaries, and a chairman appointed to the company’s board from the Diaspora who is alleged to have engaged in questionable financial liberties.It is absolutely ironic that while the Jamaican Diaspora complain about crime and recurring incidents of corruption in Jamaica’s public sector, fingers are being pointed at a member of the Diaspora in the corruption allegations against Petrojam.Persistent callAs South Florida Attorney Dahlia Huntington-Walker, former Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board Member for the Southern US, recently indicated in a letter to the Jamaican Gleaner, Jamaicans overseas have been persistent in their call for a mechanism for qualified individuals from the Diaspora to serve on Jamaican boards.There’s no doubt the Diaspora is filled with qualified, competent individuals suitable to engage with Jamaica at board and managerial levels. However, those willing to offer themselves for service must be willing to serve unselfishly, and not be intent on offering their service for financial gain through corruption.  It’s ironic that at the exchange rate of the US$ to the Jamaican dollar, the fees or benefits that can be paid to members of the Diaspora who seeks to serve in Jamaica are extremely advantageous. For example, US$1,000 averages some J$129,000. However, it’s not unusual for those interested to return home to serve to seem ignorant Jamaica has a foreign-exchange problem. They tend to demand the maximum in contract fees, per diem, travelling allowance, and demand to fly first class, and stay in grand, expenses lodgings. High fees paid to non-Jamaican foreigners Those seeking to fill their pockets on the excuse they are  returning to Jamaica to serve, tend to justify their selfish demands with comparison to the high fees paid by Jamaican authorities to non-Jamaican foreign expertise.As Huntington-Walker pointed out, there has been a long trend  whenever the Jamaican government (formed by either the Jamaica Labor Party or People’s National Party) need  overseas experts, they hire non-Jamaicans. However, when unpaid experts are needed, government looks to the Diaspora. Since the inaugural Biannual Jamaican Diaspora Conference in June 2004, successive governments have been told this practice needs to be addressed.Must be sensitive to Jamaica’s financial plightThere’s no argument that skilled, experienced, and talented Jamaican recruited from the Diaspora to serve in Jamaica should be adequately compensated. But conscientious members of the Diaspora are expected to be more cognizant of, and sensitive to, the financial plight of Jamaica and resist making unreasonable  compensatory demands.If members of the Diaspora are serious about offering their expertise to Jamaica, they should be willing to sacrifice.  Moreover, they must be determined to not get caught in the corruption trap so many Jamaicans seem to be getting caught in, in both the private and public sectors. On the other hand, Jamaicans in the public and private sectors need to stop offering cushy contracts overseas friends and relatives who lack the required skill, talent, or experience for a position, over known skilled individuals. In the Petrojam debacle the individual selected to chair the company was an old acquaintance of the responsible government minister.Diaspora skill bankFrom back in 2004 when Huntington-Walker was on the Jamaican Diaspora Advisory Board (established to advise the Foreign Affairs minister on issues of concern to the Diaspora) it was suggested that a Diaspora skill bank be established. Skilled, talented and experienced Jamaicans within the Diaspora would be required to register in this bank, offering their services for paid public and private sector positions. In turn, the bank would serve as the primary source for public and private sector Jamaican entities seeking expertise from the Diaspora.An attempt, albeit feeble, was made under the former People’s National Party administration to establish this skilled bank, with scant results. A more organized attempt is needed to establish such a facility.This matter should be prioritized by the recently appointed Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the current Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board. The Diaspora is loaded with eclectic expertise that can be easily available to Jamaica through a structured, realistic, compensation system which could  eliminate greed and corruption.Quoting Huntington-Walker “Deeper engagement and respect can be reached between Jamaican and her Diaspora by appointing qualified expatriates to government boards and boards of private-sector companies. This process must be handled with transparency and accountability, and not with ‘bandooloo’ (corruption). There are thousands of Jamaicans living overseas with the education, experience and willingness to serve.”last_img read more

EDITORIAL: Emulate past great leaders

first_imgAs usual, whenever the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday is commemorated the public is subject to excerpts of the numerous speeches made by the great, late civil rights leader. As one listened to excerpts of these speeches earlier this week this particular quote by the Reverend King stood out: “We need leaders not in love with money, but in love with justice. Not in love with publicity, but in love with humanity. Leader who can subject their particular egos…..”Quote reflects current problems This quote stands out because it aptly, and at the time prophetically, reflects one of the root causes of the problems currently afflicting several countries, including America and the Caribbean.As these countries become embroiled in persistent unusual “unbelievable” and “bizarre” challenges, the older, surviving generation question the quality of today’s leaders, in comparison to leaders of years past.Too often, it’s seen where leaders of recent years appear  motivated by love of money, resulting in accusations of financial corruption. Also, it’s frequently seen in recent years, where the current crop of leaders crave, are addicted, to publicity whether for bad or good.Where did past leadership qualities go?Every year as Americans celebrate the unselfish, dedicated public quality of leaders like the Reverend King; and former presidents like Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, and Lyndon Johnson, one wonders where has this quality gone? It is similar in the context of the Caribbean when one contemplates the life, service and tremendous sacrifices of leaders like Jamaica’s Norman Washington Manley, Trinidad’s Eric Williams and Barbados’ Dr. Errol Barrow.  These American and Caribbean leaders, and several of their contemporaries, consistently and diligently placed  national interests before their personal interests. Most did not make the motivation behind their leadership be the acquisition of wealth. Norman Manley, for example, could have focused on his very outstanding legal career, being one of the world’s more prominent attorneys. Rather, he chose to focus on leading Jamaica to self-governance,   shelving a promising career, and the wealth it could have brought himRev King was an outstanding orator and preacher.  He could easily have chosen to lead a mega-church in the 1960s, gaining great wealth as television exposed more preachers to the public.  Rather, he chose the quest to lead America to bridge the racial divide and secure civil rights for black people. He gained no wealth, and although he attracted publicity did not seek it deliberately, and he eventually sacrificed his life.Today’s leaders focused on publicityToday, corelated to the explosion of a multi-media system bolstered by the intervention of social media, leaders seem reluctant to lead without the exposure from televised press conferences, or social media messages. Every gesture, statement and comment, some of which are often questionable, begs publicity. Publicity is used as a tool to attain leadership, and once leadership is attained publicity is again used as a tool to uphold this leadership. So many modern leaders while offering leadership potential as they seek to lead have fallen on the sword of publicity as they focus on their public profile, rather than offering service. This has allowed for grave social divisions to cripple societies not only in America, but other countries. Leaders of yesterday deliberately made attempts to unite those they led. They used compromise as a prominent means to secure unity. But, it has been a long time since seeking such unity was a priority. Today, maintaining divisiveness seems more important.  Rev. King wasn’t content to focus on serving his black base of supporters. If he did, he wouldn’t have accomplished what he did. He wouldn’t have been able to  garner the support of President Kennedy and his brother, Robert. He would not have influenced the US Congress to pass, and President Johnson to sign, the Civil Rights and Voter’s Rights Acts in 1965.A dithering conundrumToday, America is a dithering conundrum because leaders are intent on first serving their base, to the detriment of the rest of the society. Serving their base enhances these leader’s publicity, boost their tenure as leaders, and make it easier for some to seek and acquire wealth.People are searching, but there’s little evidence of the leaders of years past. There’s little evidence of leaders who are ready to lead while placing love for justice and humanity over love for money and publicity. Certainly, hopefully, leaders like MLK, FDR, NW Manley and Eric Williams, weren’t once-in-a-lifetime leaders. These leaders must be more than occasionally celebrated. They left footprints to be followed, and it remains hopeful there are emerging new leaders who will soon emulate these past, great leaders.last_img read more

National College Fair Comes to Miami, Feb. 23, 2020

first_imgMIAMI, Florida – For more than 20 years, School Board Chair Perla Tabares Hantman, who represents District 4, has been championing the promotion of the annual college fair.This past December, the Miami-Dade School Board voted for the 22nd time to promote and encourage participation in the 2020 Miami National College Fair, which is scheduled for Sunday, February 23rd, from noon to 4 p.m., at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Miami Airport & Convention Center. The Center is located at 777 N.W. 72nd Ave., Miami, FL 33126. Admission to the College Fair is free.“The College Fair provides parents and students with excellent information about educational opportunities and choices,” said Ms. Hantman, who has co-chaired the fair’s local committee for many years. “It is a wonderful way for them to become informed and discover their options for post-secondary education.”Representatives from nearly 200 colleges and universities will meet with students and parents on subjects such as financial aid, college planning, admission and testing requirements.For more information, visit the fair’s website, www.nacacnet.org or call the College Fair Hotline at 305-995-1739.last_img read more

Black Excellence: Renowned St. Lucian Economist, Sir Arthur Lewis

first_imgCASTRIES, St. Lucia – Renowned Economist, Sir Arthur Lewis is one of the most notable figures in St. Lucia’s history. His contributions to the field of economics, worldwide, earned him a Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1979, and a legacy as one of the world’s most influential economist.William Arthur Lewis was born in Castries, Saint Lucia in 1915, long before the island gained independence from Britain. While Lewis was a gifted student, the struggles of living in a colonial society presented many speed-bumps on his educational journey. After graduating high school at the age of 14, Lewis had initially set his sights on studying engineering. He soon realized that the governments and companies of British Colonies, such as St. Lucia, refused to hire blacks, and thus, he made the switch to economics.At the age of 18, he then earned a scholarship to attend the London School of Economics (LSE), which at the time was the most prestigious economics school in the world. Lewis enrolled at LSE in 1933 and became the first black student to ever gain acceptance at the school.With much to prove at LSE as the only black student, Lewis excelled far beyond his peers and regularly challenged his professors. After gaining his Bachelor of Science degree in 1937 and a Ph.D. degree in 1940, he worked as a member of the staff at the LSE until 1948. After 10 years on staff at LSE, he and his new wife, Gladys Jacobs, moved to Manchester, England when Lewis was selected as a lecturer at the University of Manchester. During his nine years as a lecturer at the University, he developed some of his most important concepts relating to the economies in developing countries.In 1954, he published his most famous work to date, “Economic Development with Unlimited Supplies of Labour” (Manchester School). In this publication, he introduced what came to be called the dual sector model, or the “Lewis model”. He theorized that a poor country’s economy can be thought of as containing two sectors: a small “capitalist” sector and a very large “traditional” (agricultural) sector. He also created the Lewisian turning point, which is still used today in economic discussions of major economies such as China.When Ghana gained independence in 1957, Lewis left the University of Manchester and took up post as Ghana’s first Economic Advisor. He helped draw up the Ghanaian government’s first Five-Year Development Plan, as an independent nation. He also served as an Economic Advisor in Nigeria while living in Africa.Two years later, he returned to the Caribbean when he was appointed Vice-Chancellor at the University of the West Indies (UWI). He lived in Barbados and served as Economic Advisor in Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and Barbados.In 1963, he was knighted for his contributions to economics. That same year, he was also appointed a University Professor at Princeton University and moved to the United States. Lewis worked at Princeton for the next two decades, teaching generations of students until his retirement in 1983. During those two decades, Lewis was also selected as the first president of the Caribbean Development Bank in 1970, serving in that capacity until 1973.He received the Nobel prize in Economics in 1979, sharing it with American Economist, Theodore Schultz.He died on June 15, 1991, in Bridgetown, Barbados. He was buried in the grounds of the St Lucian Community College which was renamed in his honor. He was survived by his wife, Gladys Jacobs, and two daughters, Elizabeth and Barbara.In 1999, The University of the West Indies opened the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES), which now exists on three UWI campuses in the region. In 2007, the building where Sir Arthur Lewis had lectured at the University of Manchester was renamed in his honor. His portrait also appears on the 100 dollar East Caribbean Bill.last_img read more

Broward County Declares State of Emergency After 4th Confirmed Coronavirus Case

first_imgBROWARD COUNTY, Florida – This morning, the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) announced a new positive case of COVID-19 in Broward County. This is the fourth local case of coronavirus in Broward County, and through their epidemiological investigation, FDOH has now tied three of the four local cases to Port Everglades through a cruise services company that operates there.Broward County is in ongoing communication with the State Department of Health and the Governor’s Office, who are also working with the Centers for Disease Control and the White House about activities in Broward. The County is continuing to take precautionary measures that will protect its employees and residents who rely on local government for important services. New precautions include:• County Administrator Bertha Henry declared a local State of Emergency at 12:25 PM today.• At noon today, the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) moved to a Level 2 activation, allowing the County to initiate emergency response activities that help support our partners, particularly the FDOH and Port Everglades. Please note that while a State of Emergency is declared, the County is maintaining its normal business operations.• Staff needed to help support the emergency response will be asked to work in their normal office locations, on their normal schedules, unless they are specifically needed at the EOC.• Broward County has formed a business team to address issues related to operations – comprised of Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau, and other high impact business areas.• Broward County is working with the Supervisor of Elections office and the Florida Department of Emergency Management to ensure proper hand sanitizing measures are in place so that residents feel comfortable going to polls to vote in the March 17 and future elections. Cleaning will continue while the polls are open.• Broward County Parks are waiving cancellation fees for patrons who choose to cancel bookings.As an early response to the COVID-19, Broward County stepped up its cleaning procedures in all County facilities. Business-related travel for County employees to destinations identified by the CDC as Level 2 or 3 areas was suspended.At today’s County Commission meeting, commissioners agreed to mount a public education and awareness campaign to help educate our community on important precautionary measures and healthy habits.last_img read more

Nigeria Intensify Afro Basket Preparations

first_imgNigeria’s male and female basketball teams, D’Tigers and D’Tigress have both stepped up preparations for this year’s edition of the biennial Afro Basket championship.Ahead of the D’Tigress participation at the championship which commences on 18 August in Bamako, Mali, the Coach Sam Vincent team lost a practise game 71-55 against Raptors. The game played against the male division 1 team, was held on Wednesday evening at the Indoor Sports Hall, National Stadium, Lagos.It is hoped the team will get more practise games to perfect strategies ahead of the naming of the final team list, as Nigeria hopes to make a positive impact at the championship.In another development, the Nigeria Basketball Federation (NBBF) on Wednesday through its president, Ahmadu Musa Kida, announced the appointment of US-based Alex Nwora as the new coach of D’Tigers.Nwora was in-charge of Cape Verde at the 2013 AfroBasket championship, where they defeated Nigeria 79-76 in the 5th-8th place classification game, will have less than a month to prepare D’Tigers for their title defence ahead of the AfroBasket which dunks off 8 September.This year’s edition will see both Senegal and Tunisia co-hosting, defending champions Nigeria are based in Tunisia.Relatedlast_img read more

Breaking: Dortmund Agrees £110m Ousmane Dembele Transfer Fee From Barcelona

first_imgBorussia Dortmund and Barcelona has agreed a £110m transfer fee for French forward Ousmane Dembele.Dortmund turned down Barcelona’s previous bids for the youngster insisting that “Barcelona have presented an offer that does not match the extraordinary footballing and otherwise status of the player and also not the current market situation.”Earlier this month, Dortmund suspended Dembele indefinitely for missing training without permission, with the club’s Sporting Director, Michael Zorc, saying: “Ousmane Dembélé missed training without notifying the club and has clearly taken this action consciously. We will obviously sanction him for this.”More to follow shortly… RelatedDortmund Suspends Barcelona Target Ousmane Dembele For Missing Training Without PermissionAugust 10, 2017In “Europe”Dortmund Accepts €100million Ousmane Dembele Bid From BarcelonaAugust 15, 2017In “Europe”Breaking: Dortmund Suspends Ousmane Dembele Indefinitely, Barcelona Move ImminentAugust 13, 2017In “Europe”last_img read more

Joshua Stops Takam In 10th Round To Retain World Titles.

first_imgBritish boxer Anthony Joshua has retained his WBA and IBF world heavyweight titles after he stopped challenger Carlos Takam in the 10th round in controversial fashion at a raucous Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.The 28-year old didn’t have things all his own way as he suffered a broken nose after a heavy head collision in the second round before dropping Takam and damaging his eye in the fourth round.Ringside medics inspected Carlos Takam on two separate occasions but he battle on before being overwhelmed in the tenth round prompting referee Phil Edwards to stop the fight much to the frustration of the Cameroonian boxer.The referee’s decision to end the contest was booed by a section of the fans at the match venue.Speaking after his win, Anthony Joshua reacted to the decision to stop the bout by revealing that he was not part of the decision-making.AJ as he is popularly called said: “I come to fight, I don’t sit on the edge and make decisions.”“It was a good fight until the ref stopped it, so I have the utmost respect for Takam.“I have no interest in what is going on with the officials, that’s not my job. I think people want to see Takam unconscious on the floor, and that’s what I was trying to get to.” he added.On the broken nose he suffered, he said: “I had to keep my cool.”“I’ve got a few months to heal it up. I’ll go and see some good doctors to crack it back in place.“If I showed any signs of weakness, the ref could have jumped in. That’s what he (Takam) tried to do, but the ref stopped it.” he concluded. The aggrieved Takam has immediately asked for a rematch while giving his take on the boxing match.he said: “I want a rematch, I made my preparations with 12 days to fight Anthony. I want to box him again. I want him, he is a great champion.” Relatedlast_img read more

Betsson AB targets European racing growth with RaceBets €34 million acquisition

first_imgShare StumbleUpon GiG lauds its ‘B2B makeover’ delivering Q2 growth August 11, 2020 Share Related Articles Ulrik BengtssonStockholm-listed European sports betting group Betsson AB has confirmed that it has agreed to acquire racing specialist bookmaker RaceBets (racebets.com) for an initial cash consideration of €34 million.Updating investors, Betsson governance detailed that it would acquire all RaceBets assets including the firm’s trading team, adding the UK, Ireland, Malta and Germany licensed bookmaker to its portfolio of European brands.Detailing its purchase, Betsson revealed that the accounting revenue of RaceBets in 2015 was €9.3 million and adjusted EBIT was €3.36 million, with an annual growth rate 2013-2015 of 12%.Betsson governance detailed that it had agreed to cap the acquisition at €40 million, with €6 million attached in performance incentive for its new asset.The group acquires RaceBets from the company’s founders and the German Thoroughbred Racing Association, with Betsson leadership detailing that the acquisition would boost the value of its portfolio by strengthening its positions within the €3.5 billion European racing market.Ulrik Bengtsson, CEO and President of Betsson AB backed the RaceBets deal stating;“Horse racing is important in many of our markets and the key rationale of the acquisition of RaceBets is to enable our subsidiaries to accelerate the launch of a world class horse racing product on all core brands. This will help fuel organic growth in strategic markets such as the UK and Germany TVBET passes GLI test for five live games in Malta and Italy August 25, 2020 SBC Magazine Issue 10: Kaizen Gaming rebrand and focus for William Hill CEO August 25, 2020 Submitlast_img read more