North Korea launches streaming video device called Manbang

first_img <> 1/4This. Is. Manbang! Told you it was a set-top box and not a new streaming porn service. 1/4Manbang is super simple to set up…. and you don’t even need a Tinder account to do it, because, again, it has nothing to do with men and banging. 1/4There’s a handy channel guide to search through. What should we watch? State-sponsored content about our wonderful leader or state-sponsored content about our… hey, wait a minute… 1/4It’s not DirecTV, but hey, five channels are probably better than one channel, right? I know what you’re thinking, but Manbang definitely isn’t a new streaming porn site. It just really, really sounds like one.Manbang means everywhere or “every direction” in Korean, and it’s the name that was chosen for a device that was just unveiled in North Korea. It’s being called the country’s answer to Netflix, which is only sort of accurate. It’s not like folks in the DPRK are going to be enjoying Stranger Things any time soon.Manbang is actually a set-top box that allows connected North Korean citizens to search for and stream video. Yes, you’re right: that means it’s not something that most North Koreans are likely to be able to use. Those who can use it, though, will be able to search for, say, animal videos, and they’ll see animal videos — or at least videos that Manbang thinks are relevant to the word animal. There will also be Russian- and even English-language content, and everything will of course be run through the state’s internet filters.last_img read more